You need a brand, not just a logo

Today’s consumers are smart, after all, they live in the age of the Internet. It also makes them somewhat desensitized to visuals. We’re so bombarded with graphics and visual stimuli that we’ve become quite good at filtering it.

Getting noticed on the World Wide Web

An inconsistent brand reflects a lack of professionalism and this, in turn, results in diluted brand awareness.

Because consumers are so visually stimulated it’s really difficult for them to simply identify with a logo. They seek a more personal connection with the brands they support and to achieve that, you need to go beyond what’s at face value.

Myth Busting: A Matter Of Differentiation

We’d like to address the misperception that a brand and a logo are the same thing.

This is wrong because:

  • Your brand is so much more than just a logo; it’s at every customer touch point and experience with your organization
  • Your brand is the sum of experiences customers have with your brand. It’s a philosophy, it’s a way of doing things and a unique experience that can’t be had anywhere else.
  • Your logo is a visual and iconographic component of your brand. It’s the visual anchor that holds the foundation down.

In summary;

Brands are important identifiers for today’s consumers. People identify themselves in relation to brands and so they want to connect with those that reflect them.

Your brand needs to be conveyed and experienced consistently across all touch points in order to be recognised.

Building A Brand

Steps to take

  • Take a holistic approach to building your brand. Start with selling your brand philosophy to your staff and build the brand from the inside out. Decide what your brand philosophy is, and what it is you stand for. And, then devise a branding strategy to show and tell this.
  • Develop a strong style guide for your visual branding, where you stipulate logo usage parameters, fonts, corporate colours and signature imagery.
  • Manage your level of consistency across all customer touchpoints where your clients will be hanging out. Your visuals, messaging and customer experience must always be maintained consistently.

Brands That Do It Well

Tiffany and Co.

Want to buy your loved one something special? Every man knows you can’t go wrong with a gift for your girl from Tiffany’s. And why do we love it? Because their brand makes every girl feel special.

They not only sell affordable “luxury jewellery” they sell the dream come true, the perfect gift that every girl would wear with pride. They make the men that buy the gift feel like a hero and the women feel like a princess. They have the whole customer experience completely down pat from the minute you are greeted as you walk into their beautiful store, to when you sit down later to open your immaculately wrapped aqua gift box. Through their brand they have beautifully fused timeless beauty, with a seamless experience one that people want to buy into from their name alone.


People associate it with adventure, getting lost in nature and being environmentally responsible. By buying and interacting with the brand people become part of this movement and part of this adventure. Their social media feeds are peppered with aspirational stories of amazing adventures that make the buyer want to interact and buy their brand so they too can seek out and experience everything that is pictured in their feeds. Their environmentally conscious mentality is another touch point and reason for people to buy into their brand. They get out and enjoy nature to the fullest but also deeply care about protecting and preserving it.

Do’s and Don’t’s

Do …

  • Take the time to really understand your target market on an emotional level. Create buyer personas and look deep into the type of client you are going to want to attract. What drives their behaviour? What will they get out of interacting with your brand?
  • Ensure every touchpoint is consistent (see how consistent we’ve been with this?)
  • Work continuously on your brand to keep it fresh and first in the minds of your target audience. Relevance is important to make that emotional connection

Don’t …

  • Skimp on the investment – cheap will invariably be a let-down.
  • Let your brand sit still for too long. Your brand needs to be kept fresh and up to date in this ever changing environment. Trends change, tastes change with them, make sure your brand stays on-point to what your target market is going to want to see and experience.