Pre-designed websites like SquareSpace are excellent if your needs exactly match the templates offered and if you have the time, patience and skill to do the work yourself and create, or find, high quality content.

You can have a great looking and fully hosted website for as  little as $16/month.

What then is the downside?

  • Firstly someone still has to do the work and spend the time – find or shoot images, write copy, organise the pages. Is this the best use of your time when an experienced person can do it in a fraction of the time?
  • Having given up weeks of your life mastering SquareSpace you then decide that you want to make some minor changes to your site that are not in the theme. Short of then mastering HTML and CSS you will now have to engage a SquareSpace developer.
  • Lets say this works out (even with the extra developer cost it’s still pretty cheap) and your business grows and changes – in 12 months time you need to make more changes – and so it goes. Your SquareSpace website is going to start looking and operating like a hotted up holden rather than the the sleek beamer you set out to create.
  • To the sophisticated viewer your website is going to look like a Template website.
  • Finally you realise you’ve painted yourself into a corner and need to engage a developer after all.

We are often approached by clients who have built their own website (or started) and realise they are not going to get the truly professional result they are after. A website that is better than the competition’s website.

Our WordPress websites are super easy to use and 100% adaptable and changeable. A good WordPress website will evolve and grow with you as your business grows. WordPress powers the websites for some of the biggest companies on the planet and 40% of all websites!

Should I build my website using SquareSpace

Image from SquareSpace