What can conversion optimisation do for your business?

When you decide to take your small to medium business online, the first thing you do is create a website. It is interesting to note that not every website generates the same revenue or helps in the growth of the business equally. Some websites convert visitors into customers a lot better than the others. Isn’t that what every business wants? The difference is called conversion optimisation. Certain attributes of a website make it more successful compared to others. The good news is that you can take some simple steps to get more business through your website without having to start from the scratch.


Firstly, any successful website will be easy to navigate. Most visitors will move on to one of your competitors if they do not find what they were looking for quickly. The home page of a website should be promising enough to make them stay as well as directing traffic through to the different sections of the website conveniently. The design and layout of a website is of prime importance. The questions you need to ask are;

  • Where do I want the traffic to go?
  • What information do visitors typically want to find?
  • What do I want the visitor to do?


The content you share on your website is not just bait for visitors through search engines. The website must live up to the expectations of the visitors in terms of relevant content. Quality, relevant content is one the biggest determinants to achieving conversion. If you can identify with your target market and show them that you understand their needs and wants, you’re in with a much greater chance. Remember, customers buy because they feel understood, not because they understand your offering.

Credibility Establishment

Other than general information, it is important that you demonstrate you are better than the others in your industry. Back up your claims with case studies, awards and certifications gained, partnerships, client testimonials etc. Establishing credibility is important, especially after a visitor is engaged with your offering.

Clear and obvious calls to action

How exactly do you tap the potential visitors that land on your website? Don’t be shy about telling them what they need to do. The call to action should be prominently displayed on all key pages of your website. It could be related to buying a product, ordering a service, signing up for the weekly newsletter, liking your Facebook page etc.

Build your database

Remember that each and every visitor is important and is a potential client. They may not be interested in buying from you today but give them a chance to come back later. Give them options to keep in touch via email or social media. Get their email addresses and build a database for future marketing activities.

If you already have a website and want to grow your business through it, an expert can help you. There are some quick and simple changes that you can make to your website for it to perform better. You can set new conversion goals and make these changes to translate into profits. Many companies create amateurish websites in the beginning and then wait for the leads to flow. It is important to consider conversion optimisation right from the beginning in order to get returns on your investment and much more.